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PW408S-12R Блок питания 12V 4A

PW408S-12R Блок питания 12V 4A, фото 2
Информация для заказа
  • Red LED on: Mains power supply is normal.
  • Red LED off: Mains power supply abnormal, check incoming supply and cable connections.
  • Individual protected PTC type fused outputs.
  • Outputs PTC fused rated 1.1Amps at 2.5A/4sec.
  • A single channel short may cause a temporary disconnection (1 sec.) of other channels.
  • At least one second to auto rework, after removing an overload condition.
  • This product does not contain a built in main power switch, take additional care when connecting or isolating incoming mains supply. Note all warning labels.
  • Overall Dimension: 224 x 200 x 60 mm
  • Цена: 11 000